The RMB Council

The RMB Council (the "Council") is registered under Section 5A (1) of the Societies Ordinance (Cap. 151), Laws of Hong Kong.

Reg. Cert. No: REF. CP/LIC/SO/19/37907.

The Societies Ordinance is administered by the Societies Licensing Office, Hong Kong Police Force.

The Council was previously called the Council for RMB Internationalization.

The key objective of the Council is to serve as a non-commercial, policy think-tank to support the efforts of the global financial community in reducing the use of cash in Capital Market Transactions, International Trade, Investments, and online and real world consumer transactions.

The Council believes that it can best serve the above purposes by assisting Corporations access financing in digital currencies. Currently, the Council is prepared to assist corporations create and sell debt obligations, denominated in selected cryptocurrencies through crowdfunding networks.

In addition, the council has also been directed to sponsor and support the creation of various private Syndicates that will permit qualified participants to access profitable but difficult to access investment opportunities.